Sunday, October 30, 2011

Any Day Now...

It's exciting around here...Carter has a loose tooth.  His permanent tooth has already poked through the skin and his front right tooth is quite wiggly.  He's excited by the prospect of the tooth fairy and I'm amazed at how fast this is all happening.  I'm reminded again (this is happening on a near daily basis) that Carter is growing up. 
Can you see the new tooth sneaking in behind the others?  Is that normal?  I ask him nearly every day how that tooth is feeling, yet he doesn't seem in a rush to get it out.  I'm impressed by his patience.

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  1. So exciting!! I wanted to reassure you the new tooth behind the old tooth is completely normal. Matthew's permanent teeth came up on the bottom and quite far behind his baby teeth before they fell out. I was concerned and called the dentist who reassured me that it was normal and the tongue pushes them forward. It really did happen! No worries for Carter ~ I'm sure it'll be fine too. :)

    PS. I love reading your blog ~ I can hear your voice in my head as I read because you write exactly as you talk! :)