Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boo Bash

The annual Boo Bash was on Wednesday and the kids were so excited.  It's something the merchants of downtown Camas put on and really it's pretty much mass chaos.  But the kids love to dress up, brave the crowds and get a few pieces of candy.  It's also fun, because we almost always run into friends from school or church.  The weather was perfect and this year Kyle got to go with us for the first time...although it might just be his last.   
 The kids were very cooperative before we headed out.  I was able to get a few good shots.
 I've never been a fan of the plastic-y, store bought costumes, but Carter really wanted to be a Transformer.  I came across this Bumblebee costume last year on clearance, and he couldn't be happier about it.  Kennedy's strawberry costume is warm and soft, perfect for a toddler in the NW.  I'm sure it'll be rainy tomorrow night when they're out trick-or-treating.

 My little trick-or-treaters.
I really do love our little downtown area.  It reminds me of McMinnville, where Kyle and I went to college.  It's tree lined and quaint and I love the small town feel.  Kennedy was a little overwhelmed by all of the crowds, but Carter had a blast!
 Our annual tradition of meeting up with the Pikes.  Brevin was a football player and Emery was a cupcake.  It was fun to watch Emery and be reminded of years past - as soon as she got a piece of candy, she wanted to eat it!
 The highlight of the afternoon - free mini ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.
 The little munchkin was worn out.  She only lasted down one side of the street and then she and Daddy headed back to the car.
Happy Halloween!

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