Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good wine, great friends!

Many, many months my dear friends and I purchased Groupons for a wine tasting trip and limo ride. After a few failed attempts of trying to get it planned, we actually pulled it off and had a five our trip around the Willamette Valley in a (unintentionally) 80's, retro limousine. It was pretty cheesy, but to be honest, any time this group of girls gets together, we have a good time. It was an entertaining way to spend a Sunday afternoon and produced a lot of fun memories

All set and ready to go
Our first stop was Canas Feast, a winery in Yamhill-Carlton area. We tasted a few wines but mostly enjoyed the time catching up. It was a very pretty setting, but I was disappointed to realize that this particular winery did not grow its own fruit. They bring fruit in from other growers and then produce their wine. It kind of seemed like cheating a little. Regardless, our trip started off well.
Our second stop was Mia something or other, a very small winery in Amity. I'll just say that it was not an impressive place. At all. But again, we had a fun time, laughing, eating and enjoying some more wine.
Third stop was at Duck Pond, right outside of Dundee. It's a beautiful setting and we tasted a few different wines. It was neat to see some of the equipment that is used to make and bottle the wine.

Care, Kirst and I

Kirstin, me, Lisa at Canas Feast

Fun times!

Overall it was a wonderful day with amazing friends - we had a blast talking, singing, taking pictures and just enjoyed each others company. I always walk away from time with friends feeling so thankful. What a blessing to have such wonderful women in my life.

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