Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I love our annual trip to the pumpkin patch for so many reasons...the crispness of fall in the air, watching the kids run around and excitedly find a dozen 'perfect' pumpkins and (perhaps most of all) the great opportunities to snap fun pictures.  I'm somewhat of a crazy picture taker and love to capture life's little moments.  Some of the time my family humors me and actually smiles, but most of the time they don't.  With that being said, this year we made more of a spur of the moment trip to the patch...the weather was too beautiful to pass up, Nana was in town and I didn't have to work.  It just felt like the best opportunity to squeeze in a visit.  Unfortunately that means that this years photos, while never stellar, won't even have coordinating fall outfits.  Laugh as you may, and I know you will, but it's just one of the number of things that I'm funny about.  Even though it was a perfect day with the pumpkins, I'm secretly hoping to have another sunny day so I can dress the kids up and get a few "fall worthy" photos.

In the mean time, Carter and his green surfer shirt will have to do.

 Carter was very excited to have found a wheel barrow.  It was bigger than him, but he was insistent on pushing it around (for a few minutes at least).
I just love how Kennedy's nose crinkles when she's really smiling...for all of the scowls and frowns, when this girl finds something to smile about it can light up my world! 
See what I mean?

I am amazed on a near daily basis by how grown up Carter is getting.  He's 5 1/2 now, big and all mature looking.  Where is the pause button?  I know there are wonderful things awaiting us, but sometimes I just wish we could savor this time without the feeling that it's flying by.

 Nana and the kiddos

 We made it home with three very large pumpkins and three very small ones.  Had it been up to Kennedy, we would have had a trunk full!

 The sun was in their eyes...and it was funny.
 Carter in the corn
He kept insisting that this was a corn maze so we had to run in and be quiet so that Nana and Kennedy didn't find us.  It was simply a corn field, but it was so fun to watch his excitement that I didn't have the heart to break it to him.

 Having fun in the maze.  It was actually kind of hard to find your way out...thankfully they had two lookout towers that we were able to use to locate the exit.  Carter loved it and raced off on his own.

There was a large cut out of a bear that kind of scared the kids but in a fun way.  I was able to capture Kennedy's reaction.

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  1. Katie, how great to get to see your darling blog! Your children are absolutely beautiful! I hear what you're saying about that pause button -- these times are precious -- and it's such fun to see the ways you are taking this all in. It seems with your writing and photos here you actually are able to press that pause button. :) Bless you, Katie. And thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your loving and encouraging comment. xoxo