Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Visit with Nana

We were lucky enough to have my mom come for an extended visit last week while Kyle was travelling.  Not only was it wonderful to have her with us, the timing could not have been more perfect.  The kids loved having their Nana and I think it helped miss Daddy a little less.  I was able to work, knowing that my kids were in loving hands and got some much needed help and support.  Each time my mom visits, it's a reminder of how much we miss her, though.  She is an incredible help, and I know that Carter and Kennedy adore having her here.  We were able to have a few hours together on Monday morning while both kids were in school, so that was fun too.  We usually sneak away for an afternoon of shopping and lunch, but we made due with an abbreveated two hours - coffee and a quick shopping trip instead!  Recently, I had the opportunity to talk about my mom in my small group from church (we're focusing on spiritual parenting).  I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have a mom who gives so much of herself to her children and grandchildren.  She has set an amazing example for me, and I am grateful to God to have her never ending love and encouragement.  It's a blessing to feel unconditional love and I am thankful that Carter and Kennedy get to experience it, as well.   I can't imagine them feeling anything other than complete adoration when Nana is around.  We love you very much, Mom!
 Carter was intent on making a "five foot sign" to welcome Nana at the airport.  It kept them busy that morning when I raced around to get us all ready for a friend's birtday party.  Carter did a wonderful job writing "We missed you Nana" and then they each drew a few pictures and Carter then wrote each of their names and traced their hand prints.  I was impressed.  They got many smiles at the airport and were so excited for Nana to see their work.
Let the fun begin!  Nana loves to do special activities with the kids while she's here.  We were busy and filled each day with fun! 
Nana brought some special Halloween crafts and they had lots of fun working together making pumpkins, ghosts, owls and witches.
We did a little baking

Played a fun new game, Skipbo Junior, that Nana brought

Lots of time reading and snuggling on the couch.

A great morning at OMSI on Wednesday, since Carter didn't have school.
 The chemistry lab was their favorite spot again.  Carter really loved doing the experiments (I'm not so secretly thrilled about this...I love to watch his little mind work).
After a busy day of OMSI, the pumpkin patch, then Kennedy's speech appointment, we were able to relax and take advantage of the beautiful evening down on the river.  We met Carrie and Ethan for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. 
 Ethan and his beautiful blue eyes.  He's a mover and a shaker and so much fun!

Carrie and I and our boys.  Certainly not the best picture in the world, but I just had to include it.  Care is such a dear friend to me, and I've loved watching her embrace motherhood with such love and passion.  She is wonderful and juggles so much, but she always has time for friends and is such a blessing to me. 

On Friday, while I snuck in a few hours of sleep, Nana and kids headed to the children's museum.  Since school was out, it was crazy busy but the kids had a good time exploring the new Lego Castle exhibit. 
Good job snapping pictures, Mom!

 Future vet perhaps?  A good way to put that love of science to use.

 And if the museum wasn't enough, after a few hours they headed over to the zoo...shared an elephant ear, went on the train and saw some animals.  What a special day!
Nana's flight times were just perfect, and she was able to make it to two of Carter's soccer games.  It's always nice to have extra family cheering him along.  Carter scored a couple of goals, so he was thrilled. 

Daddy's home!
Oh Kennedy, that frown of yours is something else!

 Love you, little man!

That's better

We headed to the airport shortly after the game and said goodbye to Nana.  We really do cherish our time together and are so thankful for all that you do for us. 
As Nana was packing up, she gave Carter and Kennedy their Halloween presents.  They were beyond excited to be receiving a gift, and Carter said, "This is much better than a goodbye hug!" 
Goodbyes aren't easy, but for Carter they are made easier with a few M & M's

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