Monday, October 3, 2011

pinkalicious baking

For those of you with little girls (who love all things pink), you're probably familiar with the story Pinkalicious. Well, Kennedy thinks the book is hilarious and we read it all of the time! One morning last week we were at Target grabbing a few things and she asked to buy the ingredients for pink cupcakes. She informed me she wanted "to eat more and more and more and then I be pink!" I thought it was a great way to spend an hour or so together, so we picked up a few things and headed home to bake.

One of the many things that sometimes makes me feel like an inadequate mother is the fact that I buy box cakes and frosting from a can. Gross. But really quite good :) Quite hypocritical, as well. I'm a little over the top when it comes to organic produce and dairy products, yet I feel okay letting Carter and Kennedy eat store bought frosting. Hmmm. I've decided that before the year is through, I am going to make a cake from scratch. It's kind of sad, but I've never actually done that. Ever. I'll let you know how it goes.
I was impressed at the many teachable moments I found while whipping up a batch of cupcakes. We talked about the colors of the paper liners, we counted eggs, measured the water and oil and then counted as we mixed. It made me feel slightly better about using Pillsbury frosting.

Who wouldn't love that face?

Once we picked Carter up from school, he helped us out by frosting a few. A funny little side note about this picture - it wasn't hot that day, in fact it was probably a little chilly but Carter cannot wait to change out of "school" clothes and into his 'workout' gear. My little man loves to be comfortable!

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