Saturday, October 22, 2011

School Days

We got the kids school pictures back this week, and I was surprisingly pleased with both of them.  I love that our preschool takes their pictures outside and I think the photographer must be wonderful, because he can always get the kids to smile.
Kennedy - 3 years old

So far, Kennedy really seems to love school.  It's amazing how different my two children are when it comes to learning, though.  While Carter's hand always shot up when a question was asked, Kennedy is very shy and reserved.  She shows little interest in learning her letters but she desperately wants to write her name.  In fact, usually a few scribbles will do and she'll proclaim "k e n n e d y, Kennedy:"  When we attended Open House last week, she clung to me and barely spoke a word.  I was hoping that was due to the presence of all the parents, but Miss Laura said that she's very shy during circle time and doesn't want to singled out.  However, if she has something to say, she'll jabber on and on.  I was a little worried, but I've seen such evidence of learning in other ways.  She sings the songs, says the flag salute and comes home from school each day happy and full of details to share.  She gets along well with her classmates, although she hasn't declared a favorite friend at school.  It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the year will hold...
Carter - 5 years old

Carter man is one smart little boy.  His school year started off a little slow, and I was quite worried about him for the first couple of weeks of kindergarten.  He was much more reserved than typical and I think the whole change was just a lot for him to process.  It didn't take long, though, and now he loves it.  He likes his teacher and he's made several nice friends.  (It was my most frequent prayer that he would attract kind kids with good hearts and thankfully my prayers were answered)  I've always been amazed at his ability to find good friends.  In both of his preschool classes, his two closest friends were exactly the two boys I would have chosen for him if I could.  I am thankful that he seems to have the ability to surround himself with people who are generally good.  Although he loves to learn, when asked he'll say that his favorite part of school is recess or snack time.  Silly boy.  At recess he plays soccer or runs the track (each time a lap is completed, students are given a ticket and once they have 20 tickets, they get a plastic foot to put on a necklace.  Carter and his buddy Ryan were the first to get their necklaces and he was beyond proud!)   I love his desire for knowledge, although he's taken to embellishing or just plain making things up.  I think he does this for the attention, but it's a phase I'm hoping he'll pass right on through!  We do a lot of reading and writing at home, because I honestly can't fathom how his teacher is able to do much in less than 3 hours (minus recess, snack, library, PE, music, etc.) with 25 crazy boys and girls.  I have been grateful for the opportunity to volunteer each week, so I feel much more connected with his classroom and school.  This was a big transition for Mama, too.
Kennedy's class photo - Who invited the giant?  Not only is she sitting next to the teeniest little girl in her class, but she's sitting on the edge of her seat which gives the illusion that she's even bigger.  Really, she looks twice the size of her classmates!
Carter's class photo. 

A look back at Carter's first year of preschool.  We are so lucky to have the same great teacher, both of my kids have adored Miss Laura.  I think it's fun to compare the pictures...amazing how they can change in two years.  When Carter started preschool, Kennedy had just turned 1 and was toddling around on newly walking legs.  Now here she is in preschool herself.  Amazing.

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