Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eagle Crest 2011

We made our annual trip over to Central Oregon in mid-August and enjoyed a fabulous week with the Phelan family at Eagle Crest. Each year the kids have more and more fun - they were in perpetual motion and enjoyed all of the wonderful outdoor activities.

Our condo was right on the 7th hole, so the kiddos went out and practiced a bit.
Our morning hike down by the river - of course the boys had to play in the dirt and water!

The Crew
Notice Sloane in the background, just hanging out in her stroller. She was a trooper!

Boy did the kids love the pool this year. They couldn't get enough - they're little fishes!

Dad of the Year for braving that cold pool every day

Brady and I relaxing pool side

Uncle J and Miss K

Something was sure funny

Carter got to head out with the big boys and play a full 18 holes. He did great and only got bored towards the very end. Thankfully he was content to sit in the cart and play on dad's phone.

Our pretty girl

Morning trip to the park

There is no love lost between these two...not sure if it's because they are so close in age or just both have strong wills, but their arguments were hilarious. Intense and often unintelligible Hoping they move past this phase soon and learn to enjoy one another.

Bennett (almost 3), Sloane (3 months) & Kennedy (3)

Each year our group grows

These kids are too much.

I just love this picture as it captures their delight in the simple pleasure of being silly and playing outside.

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