Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hakuna Matata

After church on Sunday, we took advantage of the rainy weather and went to the movies to see The Lion King with the kids. It has always been one of my favorites (and Kyle's too), so we were excited for Carter and Kennedy to experience it. I got goose bumps during the opening scenes when Simba was presented to the animal kingdom. The music is amazing and the movie was as good as I remember it. The kids loved it too, and Kennedy sat quite still which was a first.

Oh and one of the more comical happenings while at the movie was when the preview for Happy Feet 2 (we haven't seen the first one) was shown. The little penguins were rapping to Justin Timberlake and Carter thought it was HILARIOUS! His laugh was so loud that it made other movie goers laugh, too. He's still talking about it. Excited for the show to start

And this little one was so tuckered out after a busy weekend that she fell asleep on the couch after the movie and pretty much slept until the next morning. Nothing like 13 hours of sleep to refresh a person!

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