Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day fun

I'm actually blogging about Labor Day a mere two days later...gasp. Can it be so? Am I really caught up? I'm anxious to post pictures from the kids' first day of school, but I wanted to get these fun photos posted before I move on.

Our holiday weekend was a busy, fun filled three days.

Our attempt at a group shot - unfortunately we waited until the very last moments of our time together, so kids were tired, outfits and hair were rumpled, but there they are...still four darling kids.

Luke (2), Kennedy (3), Emi (5), Carter (5)

The weekend started off on Saturday morning with a visit from my dear friend, Ali and her two equally sweet children, Luke and Emi. We don't get to see them nearly as much and our few hours together only made me miss them more! Ali has a heart of gold and is such an encouraging friend. She gives wonderful advice, always has a thoughtful perspective and has an rock solid faith that is inspiring. Our time together is never long enough, as I imagine we could talk for two days without running out of relevant topics, but it is always special!

Emi and Carter have always played so well together - she has the purest heart and sweetest disposition and it must rub off of on our crazy boy. There wasn't an argument or a time out and I don't even think I needed to ask Carter to be quiet or settle down (which usually happens every few minutes, or so it seems). At one point, Kyle was reading them books and these two sweet, five year old souls, sat holding hands and rubbing each other's backs. It just doesn't get any more precious than that.

Along with Carter's love for Emi, Kennedy also developed a great admiration for this sweet girl.

Giving hugs before they had to go.

We love you Williams' family!

Daddy and Carter gearing up for the big game on Saturday night. Unfortunately it did not turn out the way we had hoped.
Sunday afternoon, Auntie Carrie and Ethan stopped by for a quick visit. Love this little guy and his big, blue eyes! He's on the move and I'm sure will be running around in no time. Kennedy and Carter enjoyed sharing some books and toys that they no longer use.

Sunday afternoon brought us together with the Grice Family. They are a dear family with four young children. And while we've socialized at church for the past few years, this was the first time that we'd gotten our families together. It was a fabulous filled with great conversation, meaningful fellowship and fun! They were wonderful hosts and the kids had the best time running and playing outside. We are definitely looking forward to getting together again soon.

Kyle was the biggest kid of them all! He's holding David and Kennedy as torpedoes and running around after the other kids. Kennedy and David were born just a week or so apart.

Kids being silly!

Samuel is a bit older than Carter while Audrey is just a little younger.

We headed out to the Partain's new home on Monday for a BBQ and time with friends. The kids were pretty tired, Kennedy especially, but we stayed a few hours and had a great time.

Buddies - Carter and Adrian - snacking away!

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