Thursday, September 8, 2011

It doesn't seem so long ago...

It doesn't seem so long ago that my little boy looked like this...

Or that his sister was just a tiny little baby.
It seems like yesterday that my two children were learning to walk and talk, dressing themselves was impossible and two naps a day was standard.
Look how far we've come in a mere blink of an eye...
They both started school on Tuesday morning, kindergarten for Carter and preschool for Kennedy. I found myself constantly asking the question, how can this be? How is it that they are both old enough to be on their own, learning and growing away from home for hours each day? Carter on the first day of kindergarten
5 years old

Ready to start the new school year

Kennedy on her first day of preschool

3 years old

Backpack on, ready to go!

All set!

Of course they had to be silly

I was an emotional wreck all day. It was a mix of shock, sadness and pride as I watched Carter walk away, following his teacher, and enter into this new experience. Thankfully Kennedy threw a big fit after we dropped Carter off, so I was distracted and managed to hold it together. Just a few tears, hidden wisely behind my sunglasses, as we said goodbye.Daddy went to work a little late, so that he could come to school too.

We arrived at school and were welcomed by the zebra mascot. Carter thought it was super cool - what a great way to dispel some of the tension and apprehension of arriving at a new school.

Waiting in line...this is where we had to say goodbye. No getting to walk him to his classroom or snap pictures at his cubby. He was nervous and a little anxious but did great! His biggest complaint of the day was that they had to listen to playground rules instead of playing on the monkey bars or swings. Some recess, huh? I love that recess can make or break the day.

My prayer for Carter as he started this big adventure was that he'd find a few nice friends and continue to enjoy learning. I prayed that his teacher would show him love and nurture his natural curiosity for things. I prayed that he'd stay confident in himself and his abilities. This is a big step for all of us, and I hope it starts to feel normal soon.

Kennedy hanging up her backpack on her pink gumdrop.

Whereas I was nervous and anxious for Carter to start school, I couldn't wait to drop Kennedy off. I feel so comfortable at our little preschool and know that she will be loved and nurtured by the entire staff. It gives me peace to know other families and have experience with the teachers. I'm so thankful that they'll incorporate God into lessons and pray before eating's a fabulous environment! It didn't hurt that Kennedy was being her typical challenging self that morning. I said adios and headed to Starbucks - an hour of freedom was mine! Hers was a shortened day, so next week will allow for more productivity on my part, I hope.

Sitting down at the table and jumping right in...I was worried that she might cry about being left on her own, but she did super. She loved her day and gave me all the details of what art projects they had done, who had what job and what toys she played with outside. She was a little chatterbox, so I felt completely informed about her first day.

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