Monday, September 19, 2011

Kicking off another soccer season

Carter has started another year of soccer and seems to be enjoying it. He has the same coach (a saint, really, with a load a patience) and enjoys being back with his teammates from last year. I don't think it's his favorite sport, but he likes being out on the field running and (mostly) watching the action.

Gearing up for the first game. We played a Vancouver club team and it was obvious their coach was much more intense and they probably practiced several times a week! It was a fairly close game, because thankfully the other team was composed of four year olds.
At times it's kind of painful to watch Carter out on the field. I almost hate to admit it, but Kyle and I are both so competitive that watching Carter be passive is tough on both of us. We will just encourage him to be aggressive and go after the ball. Carter scored one goal and was very proud of himself! It's so fun to watch him get excited.

Game #2

What a difference a week makes - it was 90 degrees and hot the previous Saturday but rainy and cold for the second game. We arrived a little late (after rushing from a bday party) but Carter headed right out onto the field. Another club team from Vancouver and this time it was a much more lopsided game. They had one stand out kid that was so good, our players were a bit intimidated. Carter would come off to the side and say, "wow mom, that #6 is really good. He scores every time!) Looking forward to playing Camas teams from here on out!

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