Sunday, September 25, 2011

River Ride

Trying to take advantage of the last days of summer, we packed up our bikes and headed down to the river after church. There is a wonderful path that runs right along the river's edge and it's fairly flat which lends itself as a perfect bike trail for little ones. It was the perfect way to spend a sunny, Sunday afternoon.

All ready to head out

Kennedy didn't last more than 1/4 of a mile, but thankfully Kyle still has the seat on the back of his bike. He stored her bike in some bushes off to the side and she rode along for the rest of the ride.

After our great ride, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch sitting on the patio of Beaches. My neighbor had suggested it as a great family friendly restaurant and it didn't disappoint. The kids got a sand bucket of crayons and toys and after lunch, they got to help the waitress make their own sundaes. They loved it!

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