Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spider Party

For Halloween, Carter's class had a pajama spider party.  They had been studying spiders in their science unit over the past several weeks, and I was amazed at all that they knew.  They were able to name all the body parts, using the proper scientific terms ~ I was impressed!  (I am sure that I could not do that in second grade!)
I was manning the spider cookie making station and the kids had to use the candy in proper ways - even number of eyes (from 0 to 8), Mike & Ikes for spinnerets, etc.  
Again, I was impressed by how Mrs. Hanson is able to incorporate learning in a super fun, very controlled way.  It is a great class, a wonderful group of kids, blessed with an amazing teacher.  I am so very thankful that Carter was placed in this room for second grade.

constructing his spider hat

my little spider boy

Carter and Lola 
Lola is one of Carter's closest friends this year and it's been a fun relationship to watch grow.  He is typically a "boy's boy" and enjoys doing fairly typical boy things, but  I love that he is able to make friends with everyone and do all types of things.

A very fun morning spent with 25 great second graders!
I love being a part of this classroom and am so very thankful that Carter is having such a wonderful year.

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