Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Disney on Ice

Later in the afternoon, right after bible Sunday at church, my sweet friend, Kathy and I took our girls to see Disney on Ice.  We had never been, and I knew that Kennedy would be excited.  After a quick costume change in the church bathroom, we were off! 
(kind of a funny side story here...Kathy and I decided that we would surprise the girls with the news of where we were going once they were dressed and we were on our way.  Well, as they were dressing in the restroom, a high schooler came in and asked where we were going.  Without thinking, Kathy casually says that we are going to Disney on Ice ~ it was so very funny, we all just looked at one another, the girls wondering if they should be excited or not and Kathy and I simply laughing at our "attempt" at a surprise!  It really was a hilarious moment)

We got the girls sufficiently pumped up on our drive over and arrived with plenty of time to get in our seats and take lots of pictures.  As you can see, we got there a little too early and were nice and settled but then had to get up half a dozen times as people arrived to sit in our row.
Sadly there were so many distractions (people arriving late, getting up and down many times throughout the show, lots of loud talking, spinny light toys going the whole time, etc.  It was crazy!) all around us as the show went on...I know it bothered Kathy and I immensely, as it was so hard to concentrate, although thankfully the girls were so enthralled with the performance that they didn't seem to mind much.

our sweet little girls
These two have come a long way in their friendship and really enjoy so many of the same activities.  It was special to be able to experience the magic together with dear friends.

posing by the ice at intermission
The show was very well done, typical Disney magic and I loved it.  Just wish we would have had better seats!  Or at least a better audience surrounding us!

And what would a special outing be without a fun treat afterwards?  The girls were thrilled with a stop at Menchies before we headed home.

Our two cute princesses

Such a fun day, spent with wonderful friends!

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  1. You've done great getting caught up on your blog! Fun visiting this memory again. It was a wonderful afternoon ~ despite the crazy people around us & my total ruining of the surprise. :) Looking forward to making many more happy memories!