Tuesday, December 31, 2013

soccer season wrap up ~ 2013

Both kids had a fantastic soccer season this year.  
They were fortunate to be part of two great teams, with two great coaches and lots of their friends.  It was a fun way to spend our fall days and luckily we had fairly good weather over the eight weeks.
I will let these pictures do most of the talking...

can't get enough of this girl's smile

Kennedy and Ainsley

I couldn't pass up these beautiful fall leaves ~ a beautiful fall day in the NW cannot be beat

celebrating our last game ~ a fun win!

Kennedy and her sweet bff, Lauren 
love these girls

Blue Angels ~ 2013
Kennedy, Lauren, Lyla, Ainsley and Addie

silly face

Carter's team was undefeated going into the last game.  We were playing a team who we had barely beaten earlier in the season.  It started off very well, and the boys were playing great.  I think we were up by three or four goals...
but then one of our best players fell, landed wrong and broke his arm.  The poor kid was in a lot of pain and I think all of the boys were worried about him.  

And our opponents really stepped it up, scoring five unanswered goals and winning the game by one.  It was such a sad way to end an overall fabulous season.  The boys worked hard and really learned to play as a team.  They improved a lot over the season and were fun to watch.
I am not sure if Carter will play soccer again (much to my dismay, he has his sights set on football) but I have loved watching him play these last several years and am very proud of his progress.

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