Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bible Sunday

At our church, it's tradition that in second grade all children are presented with their own bibles.  It's a big deal and we were so excited to experience this milestone with Carter.  The second grade class is very large, so it was extra special to be sharing in this meaningful day with many dear friends.
During the 9:00 service, the children were presented with their bibles and were blessed by one of the pastors.  Pastor Matt performed Carter's blessing.

Such a special group of boys
Four out of the five families in our small group have boys in second grade (we're missing Samuel in this picture) so it's been a lot of fun getting to share in these milestones together.
I feel so very blessed by our church family and look forward to watching these boys grow!

So very proud of our boy
Carter loved getting his own bible and has been eager to read it, both on his own and together with us.
Carter, I pray that you will find guidance, comfort, peace, love and many answers to your questions in your new bible.  I pray that you will turn to God's word in times of happiness and struggle.  May it be the compass that guides your every choice in life.  We love you very much, Carter man!

After our church service, we gathered for a celebration with the second graders and their families.  One of the activities of the hour was a fun game looking for biblical pairs in the group.  Once we found our partner, we were lead to a passage in the bible to read together.  It was a great way to meet and connect with other members of our church family.

Kyle and Ella were paired up ~ Mary and Joseph, I believe
Kyle really is so wonderful with kids...he just has a natural way of connecting and making them feel comfortable.  Just another quality that I admire in my sweet husband.

I was able to work with Avery, such a sweet girl

I absolutely loved this special day and feel so grateful for this environment that we are able to be a part of.  I feel so very blessed that our children get to be a part of this amazing faith family.

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