Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grandparents Day

Way back in mid October, Kennedy's school hosted a special morning for grandparents.  I absolutely love stuff like this, and I was so thankful that my parents were able to be in town for it.  Times like these remind me of how much I really wish they lived closer.  Luckily my mom's fall break fell the week before, so my parents simply extended their visit by a day and were able to go to school with Kennedy.
Feeling very blessed that three out of four grandparents were able to be with Kennedy on her special morning.
Kennedy was so very excited to have Nana and Pops going to school with her in the morning.
I was thankful for a good picture.
Grandma was able to make the performance, as well, but headed straight to school, so I missed the opportunity to get a picture with her, too.

Each class did a little performance for their honored guests and then the grandparents were able to go back with the children to their classrooms.  It was a quick, simple little event but so very special, too.  
My parents reported back that Kennedy sang every word and did every hand motion to her songs.  She was the best little performer up on stage, according to them!
Thank you Grandma, Nana and Pops for spending a few special hours with Kennedy!

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