Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a little bit of life ~ fall edition

Just some random phone pictures to wrap up the end of fall...
I have really enjoyed having Wednesday afternoons with Carter.  Not since he was 2 have we had any significant amount of time together, just the two of us.  One Wednesday, we headed to Big Al's for a bowling.  Such fun with my boy.

A sushi dinner date with Lyla and her family made for very happy girls

kindergarten picture day

my girl is growing up!

reading to Pops

another fun Wednesday afternoon...a marathon Monopoly game!
Carter won :)

Carter has been participating in the children's choir at church and was practicing his song for the weekend's performance (his first in front of the congregation).  He couldn't be any sweeter.  And so very serious.  I don't know why I am surprised, he is serious with everything that he does.

November saw Carter's first sleepover with his friend, Samuel...Kyle and I were at a friend's birthday party and Kennedy was staying with Grandma and Papa.  Carter and Samuel are in choir together and had their first performance that following morning, so we decided to give a sleepover a try.  The boys did great and had a ton of fun.  Unfortunately, Carter didn't sleep a whole lot and was pretty wiped out the following day.  I think we'll hold off a bit before making these regular happenings but were so grateful that the Grices were willing to have Carter over night.

A fun and full fall!

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