Friday, January 4, 2013

Zoo Lights ~ 2012

After a day of lazily enjoying our first day of Christmas break, we headed out to the zoo to explore the fun and festive Zoo Lights.  We have gone every year since Carter was just one, so it's a special tradition that the kids really look forward to each year.  It happened to be dry and Daddy got home from work before 5:00, so we ate a quick dinner, changed out of our pajamas (yep, it was one of those days and it was wonderful!), bundled up as best we could and were off.

I don't remember there being so many animals available for photos, but the kids seemed really excited about it, so we stopped at each one and snapped a quick picture.

Not sure how dinosaurs fit into a holiday celebration at the zoo, but who am I to question?
Carter and Kennedy loved it!

Starting off ~ once we made our way through the entrance and all of the stuffed characters, we were able to begin exploring.

We decided not to take a train ride this year, because we had tickets to ride the Polar Express two days later.  But, we had to get a picture, because I love how it's all decorated with lights.

Kennedy found another one

I love this area on the lawn ~ the lights are everywhere and it feels so magical.

What would a trip to the zoo be without playing on the animal statues and posing for pictures?  Even when it's freezing outside, both kids still climbed up on all of the different statues.

butterfly wings
It was a super fun evening and a great way to spend some time together as a family.
It was cold but we all had a great time admiring the beautiful Christmas lights.

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