Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Eve Service ~ {Nativity Play} ~ 2012

Carter and Kennedy both participated in the Nativity play during the Christmas Eve service at church this year.  It's a simple production - no spoken lines, but great costumes and so much fun for the kids.  I have to say that it was probably the highlight of my Christmas celebration.  As we sat in the front pews, surrounded by our dear friends, watching the pure sweetness unfold on the sanctuary steps, I just felt joy.  An overwhelming sense of joy and peace.  This is what Christmas is all about.  I am so thankful that we are a part of this wonderful church family...I feel so blessed that my kids get to be a part of these memorable events and love being at church.  They were so excited to take part in the play and really enjoyed the experience.  The whole event just seemed to embody the love and joy of the Christmas season.

Preparing for the performance...
Carter was a shepard who was guiding the sheep (his sweet sister!)
I thought he looked fantastic!

I will quickly admit that this time in the chapel was complete chaos ~ there were kids everywhere.  Excited kids.  Kids with staffs that were all too easily turned into weapons.  And it was loud.  Very, very loud.  It was kind of my idea of a nightmare...but it was worth every second to see these kids up at the front of the church, helping to tell the story of our dear Savior's birth. 
Andrew and Carter

My little lamb

that face was just too much
Kennedy's costume was a bit too big, and the ears were a little bothersome but she really wanted to be a sheep, so we made it work.
She looked as cute as could be, I couldn't get enough.

Carter and Bryce

small group girls
Kaitlin, Audrey and K

Waiting for the service to start ~ so wonderful to be surrounded by our dear friends!

This was Sharon's last Christmas Eve made me so sad to know that she wouldn't be telling the Christmas story next year.
Hoping she enjoys every minute of her retirement!

Our shepard and his sheep
(yes, she crawled down the was slllllooooow going but they made it!)

Our little troop of performers
The look on Kennedy's face at this point was priceless.  She looked so miserable, but I truly believed she loved it.  Keela (the cow next to Kennedy) was hilarious, too.  We kept wondering if her waving feet would accidentally kick over the manger.  And to the right were the angels and wisemen...a few times I was afraid they were going to set themselves ablaze on the the Advent candle.  It was this mix of sweetness and comedy that made it so much fun!

The singing was beautiful and at the end of the service, all of the children were invited to the front and given glow sticks.  The lights were turned down and we sang.  It was a beautiful sound!

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