Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Morning ~ 2012

Merry Christmas!
Carter and Kennedy were so excited for Christmas morning, although (thankfully!) they were both so exhausted from the days before that they actually slept in and didn't come downstairs until 6:30.  Yes, that's sleeping in at our house!
They were so excited...getting them to wait so that I could turn on lights and snap a few pictures was nearly impossible.
I usually try to get a picture of their sweet, excited faces as they tip toe down the stairs but not this year...they were making a mad dash!
Carter is carrying a little stocking that Kennedy got from her Sunday school teachers.  She hung it on her door knob and Santa was very sneaky and put a few small things in it, as well.

They got bikes from Santa!
Kennedy's was exactly what she wanted and she's been riding it as often as she can.  Carter's was a touch too big, but after a few days practice, he's more comfortable and seems to really like it.

Stockings are always a big hit...sometimes the smallest, simplest gifts are the ones that they enjoy the most.

a new Ariel puzzle

A new devotional book that we've really been enjoying so far.

love these little looks of excitement!
We tried very hard to scale back this year and both Kyle and I felt so much better about it.  The kids seemed to really love their gifts, as opposed to being overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of it all.  They were very appreciative and we all enjoyed the present opening process more this year.  

speed balls 
(really racket balls that they play wall ball with at school)

Trying hard to humor their mom with a nice picture in front of the tree

helping Daddy
Daddy got a new TV for upstairs

Legos were the big gift this year...Carter's at the age where he's kind of hard to shop for.  He loves Legos and games, so he got several of each this year.

Daddy got some new clothes

quite possibly Carter's favorite gift of all!
He wore his new jersey three days in a row and only changed because I insisted it needed to be washed.

An Ariel doll that fits perfectly into her bike basket

Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast...cinnamon rolls, sausage and some fruit.  
So yummy, such a special treat!

Nana is here!
Nana and Pops arrived around 10:00 on Christmas morning, so as soon as they arrived we started round two of presents.  Again, they tried to scale back and the kids really loved their few special gifts.  
The best gift was having them here, though!
Kennedy was permanently attached to Nana for her entire visit!


Kennedy desperately wanted a LeapPad like Carter and was thrilled to receive one (and it was purple!) from Nana and Pops.  I think it'll be a great toy for her for many years.  With all of the electronic gaming options out there, I feel okay about this one because at least the games are educational.

Such a fun Christmas morning!

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