Friday, January 4, 2013

Allllll Aboard...The Polar Express

I have wanted to treat the kids to the Polar Express ride for several years but it had never worked out before.  This year, I really wanted to make it happen, as I was worried that Carter would be a little too old to fully enjoy it next year.  He still believes in the magic of Christmas, still loves searching for our elf each morning and knows that Santa has a naughty and nice list.  As time flies by, I know that these special times are fleeting and I really wanted them to experience a little more magic.  Kyle was game and ended up enjoying himself, too.  We both agreed that seeing the joyful smiles and eyes of wonder was worth more than we ever could have paid!

They have their golden tickets and are ready to board the train...

Waiting for our trip to start

not sure if that's a smile or a grimace!

The train car attendants were very good ~ they helped make the trip a lot of fun.
They were preparing hot chocolate and cookies as we started off.
We enjoyed a reading of the story and a fun sing-a-long of Christmas carols.

We were in a parlor car, so we were seated around a little table. 

I can't get enough of this face...that smile is true happiness.
Carter is getting to an age where he's not easily impressed and I find myself missing the stages of wonder and excitement that I used to see so frequently.  This part of the ride brought real joy back to his sweet face and I'm so thankful that I was able to capture it.

Getting his ticket punched...and punched...and punched.
so fun!

Yummy hot cocoa in a souvenir mug

My sweet boy looking for Santa
It was so awesome that it had snowed in Hood River the day before - it made the whole experience so much more authentic.  It was dark outside our windows, the ground was covered in snow and it lent itself to being very magical.

Kennedy getting her bell

Carter getting his bell from Santa's sleigh

Another visit with Santa
Thankfully both were consistent with their wishes

Daddy and Kennedy

Love my boy

Overall a great adventure for our family and a fun Christmas activity!


  1. We just may have to spluge and do this next year as the kids are really into "The Polar Express" and I know it would be magical. We'll see what the feel is around here next year regarding ages, etc. Glad you had fun!

  2. Such an amazing voyage and magical memory-making experience for the whole family. I love this idea, had no idea it was even in existence, but will be keeping it tucked away as an idea for us perhaps next year. Thank you for sharing!