Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Fun

Auntie Carrie and Ethan were able to come over for a quick visit right before Christmas.  We had a great time together ~ Ethan loved all of Carter and Kennedy's toys and we loved spending time with him.
He's just the cutest little guy and has a big, engaging personality.  Almost made me consider having another one :)
Opening a couple of presents

Ethan loves diggers, trucks and trains and we found a fun book with all of those things.
Carrie said they'd read it a dozen times by the end of the day!

Carter got an awesome magic set ~ he loved it!
He was so curious as to how all the tricks worked and tried most of them right then and there.
He'll need a bit more practice before he's ready to put on his own magic show but I have no doubt he'll master them soon.

It's so fun having a little one around...it's so easy to forget how 2 year olds interact and behave.  Ethan has amazing language skills, and he was talking up a storm.  His personality is so sweet and fun...we love him!!!

A little holiday baking with my silly assistant!

She's always ready to help me in the kitchen...she usually won't last the whole time that I'm preparing something, but we have a lot of fun at the start!
And she conveniently reappears when it's time to do a little taste testing.

A fun, busy weekend leading up to Christmas!

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