Saturday, January 28, 2012


I thought January was supposed to be quiet and dull...things much needed after the busy holiday time. 
Our month has been anything but boring!
Here's a quick look at what we've been up to:

Without intentionally trying, we've been getting rooms and closets organized.  With so many new toys, it was necessary to go through closets and toy bins and donate things that the kids had outgrown.  Carter cleaned his room and was so proud.  He asked to take a picture with the new camera and I thought he did a very good job.  His room has stayed tidy thanks to many Rubbermaid bins for Lego and Nerf gun storage.  I should have taken a few pictures of the closets that we cleaned - it's amazing how much more space we have!  It feels great to purge (we had documents that dated back to 2000!) and organize.  And Mom, you'll be happy to know that our bedroom is completely clutter free, as well.  I'm a terrible pack rat, and unfortunately the mess usually accumulates on our dresser tops!  After several days of cleaning, our room looks wonderful and it's going to stay that way!
Besides cleaning, we've been busy this month with birthday parties, a sleepover with Papa & Grandma, play dates and skiing.
Kennedy has been letting me experiment with her these little knots on the side of her head. 
She's such a ham for the camera.
Isn't she getting so big?

Since this blog is sort of a living history of our family, I thought it would be nice to write a little each of the littles.

But don't let that sweet smile fool you, Kennedy is one tough cookie.  She is passionate and stubborn, strong willed and determined.  She likes things on her terms.  Always.  She can be equally as sweet as she can be ornery, though.  Often saying, out of now where, "Mama, I love you.  I love you to the moon and back." and then there are the times that she's yelling "I don't love you!  Any of you!"  She's also used the word stupid on more than one occasion recently, which won her a mouth full of soap.  She didn't seem fazed.  Ah, what will we do with this one?
She is a girly girl - loving jewelry and pretty shoes.  She loves pink and almost always chooses to wear a dress (secretly, this thrills me!)
She counts Lauren as her best friend, has fun playing with Lyla at school and enjoys making new friends, too. 
She's not shy...unless it serves her purpose.  She doesn't take compliments well, usually burying her head into my leg, but we're working on that.
She loves playing in her kitchen or with her new doll house.  She's independent and can usually occupy herself for long stretches of time.
Coloring and crafting are her newest passions.  It amazes me how much she enjoys it and how well she can stay in the lines.  Yet another difference between boys and girls.
Kennedy has been enjoying gymnastics and swimming - doing great in both.  She's been asking to take dance, as well, but I think we'll wait a few more months before starting anything new.  She loves school and adores her teacher.  She's spelling her name and recognizing K's in other words.  Besides K and Y, she doesn't know her letters or numbers, but we're working on it.  She just doesn't seem at all interested at this point.
Her laugh is contagious.
It can often be a roller coaster with Kennedy, but she adds spice and love to our family. 
We love her dearly and thank God for blessing us.

A sweet smile
Carter is growing and changing so fast.  He has taken off on his bike and rides every chance he gets.  He's getting faster, stronger and more fearless as he gets more comfortable.  I think this new skill has opened up a whole new world of freedom and adventure for him.
He's smart and loves to learn.  We recently recorded a 60 Minutes broadcast about the great Masai Mara migration, elephants in Kenya and Jane Goodall's study of chimps.  He loved it!
He can't get enough of books, either.  We are currently reading the 48th book in the Magic Tree House series.  They are great stories and he's really taken to them.  We're hoping to start the Narnia series next.
School seems to be going better, as well.  His favorite part of the day is always recess and he loves PE, but I also think he's doing well academically and making good friends.  He seems well liked by his peers and likes his teacher, too.
He loves church and his friends there.
His current passions are:  Lego's, Kung Fu Panda, skiing and bike riding.
He is doing wonderfully in swimming, as well, and recently passed the level that he had taken three times.  He was very proud.
He is anxious to start baseball in a couple of months, but is a little sad that Daddy's won't be his coach.
Carter is a lover, doesn't like to be alone, can be wild and crazy with friends or sit for hours listening to a book.  He's emotional and easily frustrated and we're working on controlling that a bit.  He likes to get his way and definitely likes things just so.  He has a hard time hearing the word "no."  He's not a big fan of change, but I've seen improvements there, as well.
We are trying hard to instill in him a caring heart for others.
He's becoming quite helpful around the house and swells with pride when he knows he's been especially helpful. 
I love my first born, love his spunk and curiosity.  Love his smile and hugs.  This kid is going places and I can't wait to see what God has planned for his life.

And another lost tooth.
#2 fell out and his permanent tooth is already coming in
This is how I often find Carter in the mornings.  He's good about staying in his room until 6:00 and with all of his new Lego's, he's been staying even later.  He loves having a completed project!

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