Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twas the week before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the land,
people were busy preparing for all holiday plans. 
Our house was no exception, as you can see,
We were busy with friends, family and being merry.

On Monday, Kyle's Aunt Peg hosted all the ladies and kids for a nice lunch at her house.  The kids enjoyed playing together and I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with my SILs.  It was a great way to kick off our week!
 We've been busy...
Some of my dearest college girlfriends were able to travel for a fun day of catch-up and chaos.  With 10 kids all under the age of 7, it was a lively house full.  But I wouldn't trade those moments for anything - it was wonderful to be together, sharing life experiences, connecting, empathizing and just enjoying our friendship.  After a few hours, we put in a movie and were actually able to finish several conversations.  The kids all had a fantastic time - it's so sweet to see how quickly little ones can "make friends."
Aren't they just the cutest bunch of littles? Such sweetness, too. 
Mamas and their babes
Andrea with Brock (6) and Reagan (3), Sarah with Jackson (7), Chase (5), Julia (2) and baby West (2 months), me with Carter (5) and Kennedy (3) and Ali with Emi (5), Luke (2) and baby boy on the way!  And think we were missing half our group this year, due to our last minute planning.  Can you imagine how this picture would have looked with 7 more?
Carter and Chase
These two took to one another quite quickly and enjoyed playing all things boys.  I promise Chase was having fun, this was his worried movie watching face :)

Carter, Alessia, Kennedy, Sienna and Ava

On Wednesday, my childhood friend Jackie came to visit with her husband and three precious girls.  They are here visiting from Australia for the month, so I was actually able to sneak in a second visit with her after Christmas.  I always love our time together...she's the type of friend who we can go months and months and months (which we do since she lives half way around the world now) without seeing one another, but we just pick right up.  We could talk for hours without running out of topics.  She is a wonderful person, a great mom and such a treasured friend.

I think we managed to squeeze in eight play dates, one speech therapy appointment, many Christmas treat deliveries to friends and neighbors and a lot of fun!

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