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Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve 2011
I've always loved Christmas Eve...growing up our family celebrated just as much on Christmas Eve as we did on Christmas Day.  I have tried my best to carry on that tradition.  For the past few years, we've hosted Christmas Eve at our house after attending church.  But this year, it worked out best to head to Kyle's parents and spend the evening there.  My parents didn't arrive until Christmas morning, so I offered to host Christmas dinner instead.  It really worked out well - I felt like it was the best Christmas yet!  I missed going to church, but it was such a fun time.  Relaxed, great company, a delicious crab dinner, presents for the kids and then home for bed in anticipation of Santa.

 A few quick photos before we left for Grandma and Papa's house. 
A Christmas miracle - both kids smiling real smiles and looking at the camera.
We set up the camera on the dining room table and tried to take a family shot in front of the tree.  I had to include it, because it just makes me smile.  I couldn't coach the kids, since I wasn't behind the camera, and this is what we got. 
Brady's first Christmas  
Carter and Kennedy opening up a few gifts from Auntie Val, Mark and Brady.  They had to leave to attend a family celebration of Mark's, but we were thankful to see them for a bit. 
Two miracles in one day - amazing! 
Our family, feeling blessed on Christmas! 
 Grandma and Papa and the kids
A few more gifts after dinner 
Pajama time - Kennendy, Carter and Bennett
I purchased matching pj's for all of the cousins this year and love how cute they all looked.  We were able to take a few more on Christmas day when Brady was with us. 
How cute are these little elves?!?!
Checking Santa's location on Uncle Justin's iphone.  It was so fun, the first time that they checked, earlier in the evening, Santa was in Senegal.  We sponser a child, Daba, through World Vision, and she lives in a small village in Senegal, so the kids knew just where Santa was.  They were thrilled to know that Santa would be visiting Daba's house that night, too.
The kids both fell asleep on the way home, so we didn't even leave cookies for Santa.  I felt terrible when I realized it, although the kids didn't seem too concerned.  I'll have to make a better list for next year so that I don't forget these little details :)
And this is how we end almost every Christmas Eve...Kyle having to assemble some giant gift with about a thousand pieces.   I hadn't slept in over 24 hours, so I went to bed and my sweet husband stayed up for another three hours putting together Kennedy's new doll house.  What a dad!

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