Friday, January 20, 2012

2 wheel ridin'

My boy's a bike rider!
2012 is off to an exciting start for Carter.  He seems to be tackling new things with gusto...gone is any fear and in it's place is a sure footed confidence and adventurous streak. 
We have been encouraging a bike ride sans training wheels for quite some time.  Kyle had even taken them off a few times over the summer, but Carter would literally be paralyzed with fear and wouldn't even attempt to ride.  It made me sad.  It's hard to see such a real fear in your child's eyes.  But, just like everything else, when it was on his terms, he took off and conquered his fear.  This little one is full of surprises recently.
I am so proud of him!
Can you see the look of concentration on his face?  He was so excited to have me outside watching him and taking pictures, but he didn't want to loose focus.
Again...concentrating hard!
There's a little smile...
His pride is almost tangible through this picture.

So proud of my little man!
It's been two weeks since he mastered his bike and each day he's gone out on a quick ride or two down the street.  He's thrilled by the prospect of going on bike rides and can hardly wait for the weather to improve.  It's amazing how quickly he's become proficient, as well.  The first several days he could only go down the slight hill of our street, no turning, etc.  He's now riding up, down and all around.
Way to go, Carter!

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  1. I love how you're capturing these milestones, Katie. So precious. And I love the looks of pride and joy on each of your sweet ones' faces. xoxo!