Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcoming in's amazing that I can so clearly remember ushering in this new millennium.  I can remember where Kyle and I were (our first New Year's Eve as a couple), who we were celebrating with and even what I was wearing.  Funny.  Funny how we are now welcoming 2012 together and funny how very different our lives are now.  A lot has changed in these 12 years!

We were thankful to be able to keep up our New Year's Eve tradition with the Vanevenhovens.  This was our sixth year, although we've been flexible and twice have had to celebrate after the fact due to sick kids or work schedules.  It's always a fun time - Kirstin and Tim are two of our dearest friends and they know how to have good time!  I wish I could keep up!

As per tradition, we tried out a new restaurant and had a wonderful meal together.  This year was the Woodsman Tavern in SE.  Great food and a wait staff that looked like they starred in the show Portlandia.  Our little waiter made me smile with his cute suspenders and funky shoes.  And readers, you would have been proud of me, I ate and LOVED a dish that was served with the whole fish.  Eyes.  Scales.  Tail.  Yikes.  I knew it going in and was better prepared because of it, but I still was proud that I ate it so easily.  And it was delicious.  I wish so much I would have taken its picture, though.  You would have been even more impressed, I'm sure.

My dear friend, Kirstin.  Isn't she beautiful?  Just a few of the many things that I love about this girl: she is always so fashionable and trendy (she had on the most beautiful coat I had ever seen or felt!), knows all the best places to go for food, drink and fun, has great taste in music and knows every lyric to every song (or so it seems), can function beautifully on no sleep (and I know how hard this can be), follows her dreams and makes them happen, never wants to miss out on a good time, and best of all she is a loyal and loving friend.
Tim, Kirstin, me and Kyle
Cheers to a great night and even better friends!

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