Sunday, January 22, 2012

Special Day

Last weekend, Kennedy was treated to a special day at Build a Bear with Auntie Val.  For Christmas, she was given a gift certificate and had been asking about it ever since.  I finally had to hide the little card, hoping for  "out of sight, out of mind" to kick it.  It worked...a little, but she was still so excited for this special day.  We had never been to Build a Bear before, and she had a wonderful time!  Although, now both kids want to go back.  And soon.  Maybe for a birthday treat.
 With her prized "stuffie" - she was so excited to show us what she had created!

 Helping "stuff" her (bright pink!) kitty cat

 A little TLC at the grooming station
I guess choosing Kitty's outfit took a lot of thought.  They had to lay all four choices out and then make a decision.  A pink ballet satin outfit was the winner :)  With a pink headband.  And pink sparkly purse.

 Sharing a chocolate milkshake with Kitty
She takes this cat with her everywhere she goes...what a fun and special day, thank you Auntie!
And while Kennedy and Auntie were out enjoying the afternoon, we got to spend time with this sweet little boy.  Brady is such a good baby - he was entertained by Carter, was cruising all around and was fascinated by what I was doing in the kitchen.  It was such a fun day for all of us!

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