Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You call this fun?

Oh how we love the Pacific Northwest. It's a beautiful place, really, but one of these years I'd love for the kids to enjoy a nice hunt for Easter eggs in the sun, wearing cute clothes that aren't covered with parkas or rain gear. Instead this year's hunt took place with nearly freezing temperatures and an impressive down pour. The kinds were shaking from the cold and by the end, Carter was crying. "I don't care about the prizes, I just want to go home." Really, and this was supposed to be a fun activity for our children. Here's hoping for brighter skies next year!

The rain held off until about two minutes before the hunt commenced. Carter was not loving it.

Clutching his hands and trying to move quickly to pick up some eggs. Carter was still with the toddlers, so he filled his basket quickly.

Kennedy's hands were red and her little rain coat soaked. But she seemed to enjoy herself and collected quite a few eggs in her basket.

Bundled up...somewhere under all those layers was a cute spring sweater :)

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