Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday - Take 1

With Stacy, Justin and Bennett in town for Easter, we decided to celebrate Carter's upcoming 4th birthday early with a little family party. We had a few balloons, a superhero cake, some great presents and Carter's favorite foods - steak and salmon - for dinner. It was a fun afternoon and Carter relished all the attention. It was so nice to be able to celebrate with family on a smaller, less frazzled scale and it also stretched out Carter's birthday celebration, which thrilled him.

Carter and his aunties

Riding around on his new scooter. Auntie Stacy and Uncle Justin always give the best gifts - he loves it!

B got in on the action and took his cousin's scooter for a little spin

Carter was over the moon about having a Spiderman party. He is mildly obsessed with superheros at the moment and this cake was a big deal.

Sneaking a little taste

Naked babies eating cake

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