Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Carter!

Kyle and I did our best to make sure that Carter's birthday was special - not only would he have four celebrations to celebrate his four years of life, but they would be great celebrations!
Carter awoke to a room filled with balloons on his actual birthday...and after making his way down the hall and into our room, he asks "Did my number change now? Am I really 4?" Age and being "big" have taken on new levels of importance around our house, so this was a huge day for him. Yes, sweet Carter, you are 4. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but there is not an ounce of baby left in you. You are big and fast, more daring than ever, so smart, independent, silly and occasionally sassy. Where does the time go? Makes my heart hurt just a little bit.

Johnny, Carter's good buddy, joined us for our birthday celebration, because he was going to be out of town for Carter's "friend" party. It was great having him along and the boys had so much fun together.
We started our day of fun with a stop at QFC for donuts. They all picked their favorites and gobbled them down. After all they would need their energy...
for Chuck E Cheese. Now, let me just tell you, the time to go to Chuck E Cheese is 10:00am on a Wednesday. There wasn't a soul in the place and the kids were able to play games and run free without their parents worrying a bit. We played and played and played some more and then cashed in our oodles of tickets for 3 little suckers and a few other cheap, plastic trinkets.

The boys taking Kennedy for a ride on their snowmobiles. I think they managed to play every game in the place. Some were better than others.

Giddy up!

We headed home and opened some presents before lunch.

A new baseball mitt

After nap, we headed to the park for some bike riding and play time. It was so great to have Daddy home midweek and celebrating with us.

Our last stop of the day was Red Robin for a (free) birthday dinner and the obligatory song and ice cream sundae. All Carter really cared about was that we went somewhere that the waiters would sing him "happy birthday". It was very cute to see him glow as they sang.

Our little girl can eat!

A little shy but oh so happy. A very happy birthday to my sweet boy!

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