Friday, April 2, 2010

5 of 12,000

We kicked our spring break off with a trip to the zoo last week. The weather was beautiful, our dear friends Ali and Emi were in town and we were all looking forward to some fun together. Problem was, the entire city of Portland had the same idea (there were 12,000 people there that day). The crowds were insane and the parking was a nightmare...had we not had two 3 year olds who were excited to see the animals, we probably would have bagged the idea and done something else. As it was, the kids and I arrived a bit before 10:00 and were fortunate enough to find parking in some distant parking lot in Washington Park. We loaded up the stroller and huffed down to the zoo entrance. At this point, Ali and Emi hadn't even left West Linn and I was worried that they wouldn't find parking at all. And I was right to worry, after driving around a bit, Ali headed to the zoo overflow parking lot down Hwy. 26 - again with hoards of other zoo visitors. She waited over an hour to get on a shuttle and finally made it through the entrance by 12:15! Thankfully the kids were super well behaved and loved seeing one another. Kennedy was a trooper and lasted long after her normal nap time. We ended up having a fabulous time and deemed all the hassle worth it. It's amazing what a few hours with a dear friend can do to change one's outlook on a situation.

1st stop - giraffes!

Sweet Emi

Kennedy pointing out the zebras - these wonderful photos were taken by a very talented Ali and her super fancy camera, thanks my friend!
Carter, already a ladies man

No words to describe this sweetness...hoping they will be lifelong friends like their mamas.

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