Wednesday, April 14, 2010


He IS Risen! What a special day Easter is and how wonderful to celebrate with our family. The kids enjoyed an early morning Easter egg hunt, a trip to church, several baskets of goodies, some fun play time at Grandma and Papa's and a wonderfully delicious dinner.
So excited to find some eggs. It wasn't until later that morning that I realized I put both of the kids in Christmas pajamas - we've had a very cold start to spring! Carter asked a lot of very good questions during the Lenten season this year and was aware of the meaning of Easter. It's been so great to see him grow and experience the love of Christ.


Hunting for eggs. This year the Easter bunny wised up and filled 1/2 of the eggs with coins instead of candy. We still had enough candy for a small country and this way the kids were able to deposit some money into their piggy banks.

Photo shoot #1

Trying desperately to capture some nice smiles.

All dressed up and ready to head off to church

Carter outside with Grandma's tulips

Mr. B (how cute is he in his Easter best?) and Uncle Kyle

Our attempt at a family photo

Cousins - Bennett 18 months, Carter almost 4, Kennedy 21 months

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