Monday, December 5, 2011

Circle of Friends Feast

Kennedy got to attend her first preschool feast this year.  These special activities are always so fun!  Kennedy was beyond excited and I was thrilled to be able to help.
 Wearing hand crafted turkey headpieces .  The tail feathers were their hand prints - definitely a keeper!

 Kennedy and Jillian

 After starting the morning with an abbreviated circle time, the littles headed down to the art room and painted wooden turkeys.  I love the look of concentration on her precious face.  Kennedy's creative side has really flourished these past several months.  She loves to color, paint and craft.
(I was in the kitchen helping to prepare snacks, so these few pictures were taken my sweet friend, Kathy.  Thank you!)
 Feast time!
Here is Kennedy's class enjoying their snack while listening to a Thanksgiving story read by the director, Miss Sharon. 

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  1. Most welcome! Fun to share the day with you! You have a cute little turkey. :)