Thursday, December 8, 2011

o' Christmas tree, o' Christmas tree

Leave it to us to choose the one rainy Sunday of the month to pick out our Christmas tree.  We've had a lovely string of sunny, cold, crisp days so far this holiday season but we had a plan and we stuck to it.  When we left for church that morning, telling the kids that we would head out to the tree farm after, the weather was fine.  By the time we left church, the rains had started!  By the end of it, it was torrential!  It was miserable...mainly for Kyle, as he was the one on the ground sawing through the mammoth trunk of the tree we had chosen.  We managed to snap a few pictures and then the kids and I jumped back into the truck.  Yet another example of the love that my sweet husband has for his family - I'm not so sure I would have laid down in the mud to cut down the perfect tree!  Thanks, honey!
 Quick - get a picture!

 When we first arrived, it wasn't pouring yet, so the kids and I helped hunt for the perfect tree.  And we found it!  It is huge and big that Kyle needed to take off over two feet so that it would fit in the living room.

Kennedy didn't seem to mind the rain 

 Poor Kyle.  He wasn't prepared for the rain, so he didn't even have a hood.  He was soaked!  And covered in pine needles.  What a trooper.
We had dinner plans the night we got our tree, so we left it outside to dry off a bit and then decorated it on Monday evening.  Kennedy has gymnastics on Mondays, hence the tutu.  We were playing Josh Grobin Christmas songs (doesn't he have the most amazing voice?  I could listen to him all day!) and she was performing for us.   

Not one to be left out
Our good dog, Jake.  Getting older but still an active participant! 


The bottom of the tree was a little ornament heavy, but we were able to guide the kids a bit and encouraged them to spread them out a little.  Overall, I think we have a great looking tree! 

The kids loved helping!

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