Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Project: Complete

For the kids' birthdays, Nana and Pops purchased them a gigantic playground set (you know the one, it's from Costco and it's the size of a small house). We'd been talking about it since we moved in and when we came across them again this year it seemed like a good time to go ahead and do it. The actual set was purchased in March, but we didn't tell Carter about it until his birthday last week. He was so excited! As excited as Carter was, Kyle was equally as nervous about constructing the darn thing. The actual building didn't look terribly difficult (the directions were very detailed) but the challenge of leveling our yard seemed like a big hurdle. Living on a big hill definitely has its disadvantages and playground construction is a big one. We called around, got a bid to have the work done for us but then in the end Kyle decided to tackle the leveling himself. And he did an awesome job! He started with a shovel, digging out the perimeter and looking for any sprinkler system piping. He got that cut, capped and squared away. And then he rented a Bobcat machine thingy and had the whole area level in about an hour. We were SO thankful to have some wonderful help on "construction day" and could not have begun to finish so quickly without it. A big thank you to Tim, Kevin, Josh and Kyle's parents! Carter also was a super helper...naps were almost nonexistent and he was awake with the sun in anticipation of doing some building. It was a crack up to watch. We're lucky to say that the bulk of the project was completed on Saturday with a few hours left to finish on Sunday. Carter's been playing on his "park" non stop and really seems to love it. My husband is amazing and did such a great job - I'm so proud of his handy skills! Way to go everyone!
Here are some pics from start to finish:

This was taken as the day ended on Saturday - it was a long day, but they did a fabulous job!

Project complete! We've just got to get the bark chips in and we're all set. Happy playing kids!


  1. Looks like you were successful in your building efforts. How wonderful. My son wants to know when we are getting one since he can now see yours and trisha's from our yard. Love it. We are surrounded.

  2. That is so cool! Way to go Kyle. I would LOVE to have one of those huge play-yards in our back yard. Independent Play Galore!