Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Carter's 3!

How can it be possible that my baby turned 3 today? It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were bringing him home for the hospital and trying to figure out life with a new baby. Boy, times have changed. At this point if we can't figure something out, Carter is likely to explain it to us. He's so smart...sometimes too smart for his own good. He can also be so sweet and loving when he wants, although at the moment he's going through one of his more ornery spells. He's so dramatic and has a tendency to be very sad if he doesn't get exactly what he wants when he wants it. Carter is still very much of an observer, often preferring to watch an activity than participate. He loves going to Sunday school and can't wait to start preschool in the fall. His favorite activities are reading (I've never known a toddler to sit for an hour and listen to story after story, but he LOVES it!), playing outside, "working" with his tools and work bench and playing games. He'd also sit in front of the tv for hours if we'd let him, he's mesmerized by it. He's a fantastic eater and will eat anything and everything that you give him. He especially loves fruits and vegetables, while getting him to eat meat is a little tougher. He might be skinny, but he can really pack it away and I'm thankful that mealtimes are not battles for us. He's inquisitive, chatty, excitable and observant. And he's 3! Wow.

On Saturday we celebrated his upcoming birthday with a big construction themed party. We had 9 kiddos over and I think everyone had a fun time. This year the party was definitely geared more towards the toddler set with activities, decorations and food. I had a great time thinking up all the details and Carter seemed to enjoy every minute! Here are a few pics from the big bash:

Carter blowing out his three candles on the dump truck cake. He was very deliberate this year and took quite a while gently extinguishing the three flames.

Our attempt at a group photo - not the easiest to capture, but fun none the less

Carter getting ready to party!

Uncle Tim and Auntie Kirstin got Carter his very own pool stick to use on their pool table. Carter loved it, although it will be going to Kirstin and Tim's house soon - too many things to hit and break at home!

Carter and his aunties. Val was a huge help in pulling off the party, thank you! We were so lucky to have Stacy and Bennett her from SF to help Carter celebrate. We all loved having them here!

Kennedy all dressed up and ready to party!


  1. Katie, *I* can't believe he's three! But I can't believe I have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old! Time flies. Cute cute party idea! Let's get together soon. Work has been beyond hectic and Mondays are spent working, and trying to manage the kids at the same time. SOON....I miss you guys.

  2. What a cute theme!! I love the dump truck cake and the table cloth! Very clever. Lins said it was a great party! Happy 3rd!

  3. What a cute party idea. Cute signs and cake. Your kids are so cute and I enjoy reading about all of the fun activities you guys are doing these days.

  4. Great Decorations Katie. Looks like a super fun party!