Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We started our Easter festivities with our neighborhood's annual egg hunt on Saturday morning. Carter did great finding eggs (although they weren't hidden as much as just strewn about on the giant lawn!) and loved all the treats and prizes that he received. Later that evening we dyed Easter eggs for the first time and had so much fun. Kyle hadn't decorated eggs since he was a kid, so he really enjoyed himself too. Carter was up bright and early on Easter morning and was SO excited to hunt for the eggs left by the Easter bunny. (We got some great video of him squealing with delight each time he found another egg) It didn't hurt that we allowed him to eat candy at 6:00 am, either! He was quite spoiled with 2 baskets at home (one from us and one from my parents) and then a bag and basket from Grandma and Papa later in the day. All I can say is that if anyone needs any candy, come on over. We have enough chocolate to last us until next year! Carter has been on a permanent sugar high since Saturday morning, I'm afraid. Amazingly we made it to church early and Kennedy went into the nursery for the first time. She did well and made it half way through before our pager went off to go comfort her. Not bad for our first attempt. After church we headed out to Hillsboro for a wonderful brunch with the Phelans. Stacy and Bennett were in town, so it was great to see the kiddos having fun together. Of course, we were all spoiled with fun baskets from Kyle's was a fabulous day! In the midst of all the activity, we didn't loose sight of the true importance of the day. It was so precious to hear Carter explain that Jesus died on the cross for us and then rose on Easter Sunday.
Huntin' for eggs!

We were so thankful to have Nana here for a long weekend. Wish that Pops could have been with us too...

Dying Easter eggs in the buff - Carter and dye worried me a bit, so I asked him to take off his shirt. He took it a few steps further and stripped down completely!

So excited to see all the fun treats that the Easter bunny brought. And he REALLY loved hunting for eggs. His excitement never ceased throughout the hunt.

Kennedy didn't join in on the "hunt" this year, but she enjoyed her baskets none the less. She especially loved shaking her cheerio filled eggs.

Dressed in our Easter best. We found this outfit for Kennedy last year, before she was even born. She looked so darling and I can't wait for another occasion for her to wear it again.

Brunch at Grandma and Papa's after church was fantastic. Here are Kennedy and Bennett with Great Papa. They were both so good all afternoon!

The cousins played together a bit and actually entertained one another. They took turns with toys and played a little tug of war, too. Here Kennedy is exploring Bennett's face.
Happy Easter!

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