Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Our neighbor refers to us as "weekend warriors," because we are always so busy on Saturday and Sunday. We're constantly coming, going and doing. I won't argue, we are BUSY. I think it's because it's just easier to do fun things, get errands done and meet up with friends when Kyle and I can do it together. This past weekend was no exception...We got an early start Saturday morning and didn't really stop until Kyle and I both passed out Sunday evening.

The local firehouse does an annual open house and safety fair each year, and Carter really enjoyed it last year. So, we decided to squeeze in one more activity on Saturday morning. Carter was having an off morning, though, so we only stayed for an hour or so. He really enjoyed the fire engines, but he was terrified of the fire demonstration. Luckily that was towards the end, because after that he was done. Here are a few pics:

Carter driving the big engine

Our attempt at a group photo in front of a antique engine

Future firefighter?

Littlest firefighters

Then it was off to Hillsboro to spend time with Grandma and Papa. I am fortunate to have a very crafty sister-in-law who is always willing to help with Carter's birthday party prep. So, while the kiddos were napping, Val and I headed to her school and created some construction signs for Carter's upcoming birthday party. They turned out great and will definitely help set the theme.

Carter spent most of the day outside, enjoying the sunshine. He's getting much better at actually hitting the ball, too!

Sunday was even busier as we had to fit in church, yard work, house cleaning, grocery shopping, food prep and a bbq with 12 of our dear friends. Yikes. I'm happy to say we were successful and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating spring birthdays. (I have four friends with birthdays in March and April, so we always do one big celebration) It didn't hurt that we finally saw the sun and were able to be outside for the majority of the day.

Kennedy dressed in her Sunday best

Carter and Daddy (I had to snap a pic of Kyle eating at Carter's tiny table)

The girls - what wonderful friends! (Shanda, Michelle, Lindsay, Cheri, Carrie, Lisa, me, Kirstin)Happy birthday Michelle, Kirstin, Carrie and Shanda!

We were tired as we started our week but are thankful for all the fun times we had with family and friends. I wish I had a calm weekend to look forward to next weekend, but with Carter's birthday party and all the Easter activities, I think we'll hold tight to our weekend warrior status!

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