Monday, April 27, 2009


The kiddos had their respective appointments with the doctor last week. Carter had his three year exam and Kennedy her nine month-er. I foolishly thought it would be easiest to take them both at the same time - I think I'll refrain from that madness again. One would have been plenty. They were both quite well behaved, but Kennedy had ants in her pants and Carter was just his normal, active three year old self. Suffice it to say the teeny tiny exam room was a bit over crowded with the Phelan four. It was hard to stay on track and I'm not fully convinced that either got a thorough exam...oh well, I'll know for next time. The great news was that both are healthy and developing right on schedule. The pediatrician had no concerns which is always nice. Carter's check-up was a lot different this time around - more questions for him regarding his colors, name, birthday, age, etc. Basically the doc wanted to check his comprehension and language skills. Passed without incident, although I found myself crossing my fingers in hopes that he would "perform" well. He seemed to answer all the questions appropriately and there were no worries there. And Kennedy's doing great, too. I left feeling so thankful that for once it seemed like both kids were doing exactly the things that they should be doing.
Here are their latest stats:

Carter - 3 years old

Weight: 34lbs 8 oz (50-75% - kind of a broad range, but the chart is from 3-18 years, so it's pretty well smashed at the 3 year point. I'd guess he was pretty close to the 65%)
Height: 38 1/4 inches (50-75%)

Kennedy - 9 1/2 months
Weight: 17lbs 5 oz (25%)
Height: 27 3/4 inches (50%)
Head: 45cm (75% - love my kids and their big heads :)

They've both grown so much in the last few months, both physically and mentally. Carter is doing great with his letter and number recognition. He's counting well past tell, although he usually skips numbers in the teens. His speech is progressing so well. He'll be doing therapy only once a month now, but the progress that he's made in the last two months is remarkable. He loves "constructing", reading and helping Dad in the yard. He likes to help me cook and bake and will always choose to play outside if given the chance. We're working hard on keeping our hands to ourselves (he was in time out for hitting during Sunday school this week - super.) and remembering to use manners all the time. Tantrums are also on the rise recently so we're trying to nip them in the bud, as well. He can be so sweet, so loving and so funny at times. Just last week, I had asked him to get down from standing on a chair because I didn't want him to hurt himself. His reply, "trust me, I'm 3." He's really relishing in his new age and will tell everyone that he's three (or "free" now). Kennedy has started motoring around so much more over the past three weeks or so. She's still doing the army crawl, although just today she stayed on all fours and crawled a little. She's a pro at getting herself into a sit, has started waving bye bye and is now pulling herself up on things. She LOVES to feed herself and seems to be a good eater like Carter, although I question her taste as her favorite food at the moment seems to be bananas. Bleh. I'm still waiting to hear her say "mama." She's said Dada but I'm not sure she knew what she was actually saying. Who knows? She loves to cuddle, still finds her brother hilarious and enjoys taking in all the activity around her. She's vocal and knows what she wants but is also so sweet and loving. We're very blessed to have two high spirited and wonderful children.

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  1. So glad to hear the checkups went well. Sounds like the kiddos are doing GREAT! I miss them so much and am counting down the days until our next visit. BTW - love Kennedy in yellow. :)