Saturday, November 5, 2011

Harvest Party

Kennedy had her first school party on Halloween and I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer in her class.  It was so fun to watch Kennedy go throughout her daily school routine and see her interactions with her classmates and teacher.  It was a very special day.

 All dressed up and ready to head to school.  Of course we had to try to snap a few cute pictures before we left.

 Kennedy was the calendar helper, so she put the date on the calendar and helped lead her classmates in counting all the way to 31!

 Circle time

 Doing the "Rainbow Pokey" - have I told you how much I love preschool?  Yet another time I wish I could press that pause button...It's such a great atmosphere for learning and growing. 
 Lining up and trick-or-treating to the other classrooms.  Behind Kennedy (in the lion costume) is Jillian.  Her brother, Brooks, was Carter's closest friend in preschool, so it's been so fun to have the girls together now.  They both have a lot of sass, so it's hilarious to watch their interactions.
After a lesson on good oral hygiene from the Tooth Fairy, the kids got a tooth brush and floss.  Great idea, I'd say.

 Class picture attempt...getting eight 3 year olds to look at smile at the same time seemed like an impossible feat.

 Playing Halloween bingo in the Gummy Bear room
 Special snack and a pumpkin story
The 3 year old classes don't go on the pumpkin patch field trip, instead they get to 'pick' pumpkins in the narthex to take home.  Kennedy was thrilled with her choice.

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