Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Traditions

I am one who loves traditions, if it works once I like to do it over and over again.  I think it gives me a sense of security - knowing what's coming and how to prepare for it.
Although Halloween is definitely not my most favorite holiday, I do enjoy some of the traditions that we've established as our family has grown.  I thought I'd share a few...
 Carving pumpkins
We are fortunate enough to be invited each year to our neighbors annual Punk-o-rama pumpkin carving party.  It's a huge event and is such a fun way to get people together to celebrate, without the stress of costumes.  Thank you Trisha!  Our whole family loves this party and Carter really got into the idea of carving a prize worthy pumpkin this year.  We carved one at home before the party (because once we walk through our neighbor's door, the kids are off having a blast running and playing with all the other children).  Carter wanted to do an "O" for the UO Ducks.  Great.  Easy enough.  He drew the O and Kyle wielded the knife.  Neither Carter nor Kennedy would have any part of the touching the insides of the pumpkin.  Really, who can blame them?

 Go Ducks!
(Please pardon our disaster of a garage...just another thing that seems impossible to keep organized)

 Poor Kyle, always tucked away in a corner of the garage working hard to produce an impressive pumpkin.  I admit it, we lack the needed creativity to pull off a prize, but we really do try.  This year we wanted to do a Harry Potter themed jack-o-lantern, but I never made it to the costume store to pick up the accessories.  Instead we decided to carve a silhouette of Hogwarts.  I scanned a DVD cover, enlarged it and then printed it out.  It provided a nice pattern for Kyle to work with.  I thought it turned out amazing!  Kyle's getting good!  Don't think we got a single vote.  Sad.

 Here's how they looked all lit up

 Before the kids headed out trick-or-treating, I decided to make an entirely orange dinner.  Harvest tomato soup, pumpkin and bat grilled cheese sandwiches, oranges and carrots.  Easy and festive.  The kids loved it.

 A few quick pictures on the porch before they bolted.  They were so excited to start getting candy!

First house of the evening
I like to go with them for a few houses but then head back home to hand out candy.  I just can't be that house that has their light off.  Guilt, it's a powerful feeling!
We capped off the fun and excitement with a viewing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."  Another tradition that I've come to count on.

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