Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Independence Day ~ Happy 4th!

4th of July ~ 2013
After a full day of boating and sun and knowing I had to go into work that night at 10:30, I decided it was a better idea to stay home and (try to) rest instead of joining Kyle and the kids at our friends' house.  I love being with friends and celebrating the 4th together, so I was really sad to miss out.
Of course we had to get a few pictures before they headed off...
                                                                     Happy 4th of July!

Yes, that's a swim suit cover-up that Kennedy is wearing...we were rushed getting out the door and it didn't even occur to me to pack coats and things.  Luckily Kyle was able to improvise and borrow and everyone survived.

chasing parachutes! 
I think these are the kids' favorite fire works...forget the bright colors and loud booms, getting to chase down plastic paratrooper men is where it's at!
can't beat a genuine smile on the face of my cute girl!  She sure loves her daddy!

silly boys in red shirts!

Ainsley and Kennedy

Carter was super tired after a long day and was a bit of a grump at the party.  I think he was expecting to have Asher all to himself and was disappointed that there were lots of other kids there, too.  We are working on managing expectations and changes in plans.


 Kennedy and Daddy enjoying the show

Watching the fireworks from the comfort (and warmth) of the truck!

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