Tuesday, August 13, 2013

boating fun ~ i LOVE summer!

One of the best parts of summer is heading out on the boat and enjoying the beautiful weather!
We have had a magnificent summer and have actually gotten out on the boat several times (not always an easy feat in between our crazy schedules and unpredictable weather)
We headed out to the river one evening to meet up with the Pikes ~ it's such an easy launch for us but I still prefer the safety and calmness of the lake.

Carter and Nana enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

happy kiddos

We packed a picnic dinner and enjoyed some time on the beach.  The kids were able to swim, we went tubing and jet skiing...the perfect way to spend an evening!

Shannon and Emery
So much fun to spend these special time with dear friends

The kids did a lot of swimming ~ it was fun for them to run up the beach, jump in and and then swim down with the current and to the waiting dads.

The 4th of July was unusually warm, so we decided to take advantage and headed up to the lake with some friends.  Unfortunately, it was super windy, so we packed up our stuff from the beach, loaded into the boat and went in search of a calmer spot.  Luckily we overheard someone talking about an inlet that was mostly protected from the wind, so after a bit of tubing, we searched it out.  It was perfect!  We were able to eat, swim and play for the better part of the day.  The boat felt a bit small with 10 people on board, but overall the day was a ton of fun!

Carter, Ben, Grace and Kennedy enjoying their time together in the front of the boat

Carter had been begging to drive......

and he was all business!

Another night out on the river ~ we're so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, surrounded by great rivers and lakes!
This is what summer should look like!

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