Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Saying goodbye is never easy...and to watch my best friend suffer through the pain of loosing her mom was about as much as I could handle.  Carrie's mom, Judy, had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's over ten years ago, and she had spent the last several years incapacitated.  Alzheimer's is an awful disease, it robbed Judy of so many years and sadly she was taken away from her loved ones long before she actually passed.  The whole thing was so tragic ~ it hurt to talk about it, but it hurt not to, as well.  My heart just broke for Carrie each time she would visit her mom in Arizona.  Hearing the hurt in her voice was so hard.  Carrie and I deal with grief and sadness in such a different way, so it was a learning process for me and our friendship.  I had to let Carrie handle a lot of her pain on her own, and that was hard.  More than anything I wanted to ease some of her sadness, bear a little of that burden...Sadly, Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year.  They decided not to treat it and subject her to any more unnecessary pain.  She was welcomed into heaven and thankfully Carrie had the opportunity to visit her one last time over Memorial weekend.  Her dad, Stan, was there with her when she passed ~ theirs is a love story like few others.  They had so much fun together and enjoyed each others company so much.  I loved it when Stan and Judy would visit at Linfield, they were always so much fun!!!  I pray for peace, both for Carrie and Stan, as they navigate this new road without Judy.  She was a big personality, a lover of life, a proud mom and a devoted wife.  She loved with her whole heart...and was taken from us much too early.
Carrie did a wonderful job planning a celebration of life in Judy's honor.  We drove up to Olympia and spent the afternoon hearing funny stories (there were many!) and touching tributes (even more).  It was a bittersweet day for sure.  Carrie gave such a touching speech ~ I was SO proud of her and admire her strength so much.  She is amazing and I know her mom would have been so proud.  
The sun was shining, we got to see old friends and celebrate a wonderful woman...bittersweet, for sure.

I did get to sneak away and enjoy a little picnic in the kitchen with this cutie...Ethan is a doll and I love him dearly.  It felt good to be able to love on him and give Carrie the chance to mingle without worrying about her sweet boy.  I can't help but cry when I look at his precious face ~ his grandma would have loved him so!
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted..."  Matthew 5:5

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