Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Kennedy

My baby is 5!  5...a whole hand and I find myself wondering where the time has gone?  Kennedy is no longer a toddler, there isn't much "little" left in her.  She's getting ready to start kindergarten and she's growing up so fast!  A bit too fast if you ask me.  
Kennedy's birthday celebration spanned a few days, which is kind of the way it goes around here.  Between a friend party, a family celebration and usually the "day of" celebration, we ended up doing birthday weeks!  And since the 5th birthday is such a special one, we planned a very exciting trip to celebrate Kennedy.  One that she had been talking about for months (more on that in another post).
We started Kennedy's birthday celebration on Sunday ~ Once we got home from church, she opened presents from family.  I was so proud of her and her patience in waiting.  We had told her that we would open gifts after church and she didn't beg or pester us to open them earlier.  See, maturing in all sorts of ways! 

It's fun to have a day all about you!

SO excited!!!
It was a big birthday with lots of American Girl gifts...she was so excited to finally get her doll, Caroline and was anxious to purchase her accessories, as well.  Gift cards from family and friends were a huge hit!  They were so appreciated and made our time at the American Girl store even more enjoyable.

The big much excitement....

She's finally here!
(although that face doesn't look too excited, I assure you she was thrilled!)
Kennedy had been talking about Caroline incessantly since before Christmas.  It was a big purchase, though and we wanted to make sure that she was old enough to care for her doll and also that it wasn't a desire that would be gone on a whim.

Round 2
Kennedy's birthday party was planned for Sunday afternoon, so Grandma and Papa came over before hand with a few more gifts.
You can't go wrong with crafting supplies and coloring stuff for Kennedy.  It's her most favorite activity!

We ran out of time at her party and didn't get to open her presents with her friends.  She was very excited to do that when we got home!
Such generous and thoughtful gifts!!!  Lots of arts and crafts, a fun game, ponies and another American Girl gift card ~ Kennedy was over the moon!

And then her actual birthday arrived on Tuesday and she was so excited for our breakfast in bed tradition (which starts when the kids are 5)

I made up her tray with a pink donut for a special treat and she was so's the little things!

so excited to eat upstairs...and in BED!  Wahoo!

I'm 5 today!

and then a few pictures of my big 5 year old girl...

"a whole hand today, Mama"

Kennedy you are filled with light and spunk and we cannot imagine our family without you.  You are strong willed and determined, loving and sensitive, creative and funny ~ God has blessed you with so many unique qualities and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.  I love you more than you'll ever know and pray that you know lots of love and joy throughout your life.  I pray that you learn from your mistakes, are spared too much heart break and that you always have a heart for God and others.  Your sweet little voice is one that I treasure and hope that I can help make your dreams come true.  I would give you the world but hope that you'll want to work for some of it too :) 
I love you, sweet daughter of mine and am so very thankful for you!
Happy 5th birthday, Kennedy!

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