Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harvest Party!

Both Carter and Kennedy had harvest parties at school on Halloween, so it made for a pretty crazy day.  We started off with Cinderella at Circle of Friends.  Two other moms also helped with her party, so it was very easy and a ton of fun.  Kennedy was a little overwhelmed at first, but quickly warmed up and ended up having a wonderful time at her party.

Starting off our morning with table time as all of her classmates arrived

Two of the cutest little Cinderellas there ever were...
Kennedy and Lyla were thrilled that they dressed alike and happily posed for pictures.

Delaney didn't want to be left out, so we took a picture with Minnie Mouse, as well.

Cinderella was a popular choice this year!
Miss Debbie also dressed up as her favorite princess

a cake walk without the cake
each child won a pencil

The Gumball class 2012
Miss Tricia, Blake, Emily, Madaline, Delaney and Kennedy
Keiran, Lyla, Chase, Justin and Cohen

sweet smiles from sweet little friends

setting off to trick or treat around the school
Kennedy got to be line leader, and she's nervously checking everything out

so much fun!

our pretty princess

We left preschool a few minutes early to rush over to Carter's school.  We had hoped to join him for lunch (he requested sushi), but we arrived five minutes late and he was nearly finished with his already.  Getting finished quickly so they can head out to recess is a big deal.  He ate his second lunch than rushed off to join his friends.
Kennedy and I headed to his classroom and helped with their celebration.  They had made applesauce in the morning, but enjoyed some fun music and dancing and yummy treats after lunch.

Carter passed out little gifts to each of his classmates

Enjoying their treats!
It was a crazy, busy, fun filled day!

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