Saturday, November 17, 2012

pumpkin fun

We attended our neighbor's annual Punk-o-Rama party the Sunday before Halloween.  Each year I'm amazed at the freakishly creative ideas that people come up with for their pumpkins.  In an attempt to spare Kyle from 2 hours in the garage, carving a non-prize worthy jack o' lantern, we painted our pumpkin white, added a few polka dots, a brightly covered wig and...voila - AFRO CIRCUS PUMPKIN!  That's it folks, that's the extent of my creativity.  Doubt we even got a vote.  Kids loved it, though. 

Carter was intent on carving his own pumpkin this year.  I was inclined to skip this tradition all together, because usually the kids won't touch the insides of the pumpkin and get bored after about five minutes.  Then Kyle and I are left cleaning and carving so that we have pumpkins to put on our front porch on Halloween.  Not this year.  Carter woke up early one morning and the first thing he asked to do was carve his pumpkin.  Kyle got him all set up in the garage and he went to work...




and finally cutting.

He was so proud!
Great job, Carter Man, your pumpkin is awesome!

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